Taking a Chance to RUN AWAY!!!!

June 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

There are a few things about married adulthood with kids that are hard for me. One is that it is very hard to just up stakes and run away for the day. Pesky things like bills, weeds and children tend to require attention. Managers get cranky when you just don't show up for work without making arrangements or providing proof of near death experience as a reason for not being there.


The hidden blessing of these irritations is that when you get to take off and just go play it makes the day all that much sweeter, even if you don't to anything really amazing. As I headed out for a MUCH needed day with my camera Billy Joel playing on the stereo in the USS BorrowedTyme (My 1991 Dodge Dakota, which is truly living on borrowed time, and no I don't have a picture of it, not breaking my lens taking a picture of that!!!) the feeling of spirits lifting and utter relaxation was amazing! Isn't that interesting? The very things that prevent a certain activity add spice to the activity when you get to do it. If I was uber rich and could just go do whatever all day everyday, I bet I would not get the same thrill as I get when I slip the bonds of my usual day and hit the road.


Now before I post a few photos and wax all poetic about how much I love them despite their mediocrity, if you want to escape the mundanity of my writing and delve into the mediocrity of the actual photos, you can visit them here.

Now! On with the show!

I have driven past this old house at Soldier Summit countless times, but never stopped to look at it. I am a sucker for weathered wood this turned my crank. I am thinking I didn't get close enough and need to stop again when I am going through.


Turning south I headed towards the tiny town of Scofield, UT, I had ancestors that lived and are buried there, part of my plan for the day was to drop by the reservoir there and try to take a few wildlife pics as I always seem to see a LOT when I drive past. This hawk was more than happy to fly around and make me happy!


My pelican friends were out in force as well, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.


This is not the grave of a relative, but I was struck by the loneliness of the headstone.

I find that I am always remembering textures and patterns even when I cannot remember where I experienced them. The weathering on this marker just plain works for me.


Thanks for dropping by, always nice to visit.


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