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Created 20-Feb-10
Modified 4-Oct-14
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Had the opportunity to play briefly with a Pentax DA 15 Limited F4 and compare it to my Sigma 10-20 DC EX F4.5-5.6. This was an exciting chance. I love (ok REALLY LOVE!) the Pentax Limited lenses, they are compact and high quality lenses that are highly desirable for a Pentaxian (Look in the dictionary under: Fun to be with but just a little crazy!)

I have included a few quick test shots, along with a series of comparison shots @ different apertures. Along with size comparison shots. You may download the originals by right clicking the photo.

The biggest draw of this lens is the size, it is EASILY pocketable, has comparable IQ to the Sigma, and the build quality is simply outstanding. The only drawback is a tendency towards chromatic aberrations compared with the Sigma. Check the trees on the far right of the second series of test shots.

If money were available and no object I would own ALL the Pentax Limiteds.

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